Yılmaz Kıymaz

Programming in Unity @ BUG

I gave a lecture on Programming in Unity at Bahcesehir Game Lab (BUG).

Introduction to Game Programming @ BUG

I gave a 40 minute lecture on Introduction to Game Programming for Bahcesehir Game Lab (BUG).


Global Game Jam @ BUG 2014

I organized the second GGJ Istanbul @ BUG together with Güven Çatak at Bahçeşehir Game Lab (BUG). GGJ Istanbul @ BUG 2014 had 156 applicants and 75 participants. GGJ Istanbul on Facebook GGJ Istanbul on Twitter GGJ Istanbul @ BUG 2014 page on GlobalGameJam.Org Games developed at GGJ Istanbul @ BUG 2014


Global Game Jam @ BUG 2013

After it’s first year, I teamed up with Güven Çatak, founder of Bahçeşehir Game Lab (BUG), and started organizing GGJ Istanbul at Bahcesehir University. The first GGJ Istanbul @ BUG had 121 applicants and 69 participants. GGJ Istanbul on Facebook GGJ Istanbul on Twitter Archived page of GGJ Istanbul @ BUG 2013 on GlobalGameJam.Org Games developed at GGJ Istanbul Read more

Global Game Jam Istanbul 2012

I organized the first Global Game Jam in Istanbul in 2012 at Koç University with the support of Proje Calide. Due to the intense snow storm that struck Istanbul on the first day of the jam, only 12 of the 40 registered participants were able to show up. We still had a great time, made great games Read more

UNITE 2013 – Unity in the Wild

I hosted the Unity in the Wild session at UNITE 2013.


GDC 2012 – Ask the Experts: Professional Programmer’s Panel

I was on the Ask the Experts: Professional Programmer’s Panel at GDC 2012 with Jeff Ward, Noel Llopis, Mike Acton, and Brett Douville. You can watch the panel video over at GDC Vault since it’s not possible to embed the video here.

UNITE 2011 – Smuggle Truck Postmortem

Alex Schwartz and I gave a postmortem of Smuggle Truck at UNITE 2011.

UNITE 2013 – Advanced Editor Scripting

I gave a talk at UNITE 2013 on Advanced Editor Scripting.

UNITE 2012 – Advanced Editor Scripting

I gave a talk at UNITE 2012 on Advanced Editor Scripting.

Kiss the Monkey

Özkan Sayın and I worked on Kiss the Monkey as the programming team, together with Kaan Kaner (Art director) and Fırat Ertem (Project’s financer). It is a distance running game that we were planning to release on iOS. We scrapped the project and the game never saw the light of day. Though, we did win Read more

Yoodle Apps

I developed the Yoodle games for Yoomerang. Costume Chest   Story Book Yoodle   Sticker Doodle Yoodle

Eltek Virtual World

Özkan Sayın and I developed the Eltek Virtual World application for Eltek ASA, a power electronics and energy conversion company.

Turkish Airlines Open

I developed the entire single-player experience for the Turkish Airlines Open golf game in Unity, as a subcontractor to Hologram Software LTD.


I developed BoxPlots for Ingot Games in the span of 13 weeks in the summer of 2012. It’s a game of juiced-up Sokoban and Tangram with a very lovely art style.


AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome is the semi-sequel to the award-winning AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! — A Reckless Disregard for Gravity! from Dejobaan Games. I co-developed the sequel with Alex Schwartz while at Owlchemy Labs. The game is about flipping off protesters, graffiti-ing buildings in mid-air, hugging and kissing at high-speed; the usual skydiving experience, basically.

Snuggle Truck

Snuggle Truck is a multiplatform game I co-created with Alex Schwartz while at Owlchemy Labs. It’s a wacky physics-based driving game. The goal is to transport a truck-full of toy animals to the zoo at the end of each level.